Fitness Programs

Two eight week challenges in the Spring and Fall. However, we encourage you to stay fit 365.

Community Engagement

This unique program allows you the opportunity to find out what is offered in our backyard.

Activity Tracking

Input all of your physical activity; from a brisk walk to kayaking to yoga!

What is FitForsyth?

By popular demand and the success of the seasonal programs Just WALK! and Step Up Forsyth, We are pleased to introduce FitForsyth, a no-cost, year-round online tracking fitness program designed with Forsyth County in mind. Melding the best aspects the previous programs, FitForsyth provides a fun and easy way to plan and track your physical activities, either on your own or in self-organized groups. Open to all ages and abilities, FitForsyth promotes fun and safe physical activity through our community corner where participants can find walking routes and maps to walking trails throughout Forsyth County, along with several other community physical activity programs. Like before, participants are able to easily participate in scheduled activities and track their progress in manageable eight-week programs—all with the easy goal of 30-minutes of physical activity, five days per week. Start your physical activity today! It’s fun, free, and makes a healthier YOU!

FitForsyth will have challenges in the spring and fall, starting on the first monday of April and October. However, participants will be able to track their physical activity throughout the year

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Fit Tips, Food Hacks and Community Corner


Mindful Recovery Run

By FitForsyth / September 13, 2016

Over the weekend of October 14-16, 2016 people will come together and run or walk a 5k in their area, a Mindful Recovery Run!

Fit Tip

Yira Wellness

By FitForsyth / August 17, 2016

Have you ever been interested in fitness classes or personal training, but didn’t think that you had the time or funds to dedicate to it? FitForsyth would like to introduce a unique partnership that was built with you in mind.

Fit Tip

Beat the Heat, Summer Workout Tips

By FitForsyth / July 20, 2016

It’s been a hot and humid summer; making it more difficult to keep up with your exercise routines. If you are trying to do your workouts outside this summer check out some of our tips for staying safe and beating the summer heat!

Fit Tip

How to perfect Push-Ups!

By FitForsyth / May 20, 2016

Have you always wanted to be able to do push ups with some ease? Well now’s your chance to do just that! The key is to work up to it, like anything you cannot expect to jump into it be able to perfectly do 20 push ups. Follow our few simple steps so that you can achieve 20 push ups with perfect form.

Food Hack

Dark Chocolate: Hidden Gem?

By FitForsyth / May 12, 2016

There has been a lot of conversation around whether dark chocolate has significant health benefits. Is it a hidden gem? Maybe, in moderation. These benefits that have been circulating in the media are in comparison to 1 to 2 ounces, once a day of 70% or greater cacao dark chocolate. Keep in mind that this is not milk or white chocolate and is not an entire candy bar.

Food Hack

Easy Peasy Breakfast on the Go!

By FitForsyth / May 6, 2016

We all have heard it over and over again, that breakfast is the most important meal. Breakfast is also very hard to incorporate into our already very hectic mornings. Check out our recipes below for some very easy breakfast recipes that you can eat on the go!